What Is Community Service?

Community Service is uncompensated (free) labor ordered by the Courts to be performed by an individual who has committed an offense. In our case the individuals performing community service are juveniles or youthful offenders. This labor is provided to non-profit organizations, charitable associations, federal, state or county institutions that request this service. A referral to Durham County Restitution Program, allows the offender to (1) provide reparative service to the community and ensures some type of “payback” for the harm or damage they have done, (2) improves self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and work ethics, (3) assists non-profit organizations by providing workers at no cost and (4) assist taxpayers by providing manpower to public organizations to complete labor intensive projects with no cost. The benefits listed above are all apart of Restorative Justice; in which offenders learn new skills while repaying the harm or damage they have done to the community while working along side members of the same community.

What Is The Process For Placement At A Worksite?

Juvenile Community Service workers are referred to the Community Service Program from the Department of Public Safety (Juvenile Services). There can be 5 to 20 juvenile offenders referred to our program at any given time. The amount of community service hours an offender has to perform is determined by the Judge or Juvenile Intake Officers. Juvenile Offenders also have the opportunity to make monetary restitution to victims of their crimes through our Payback Program. Once the referral is received in our office, staff makes contacts with the juvenile and his/her family to set up the initial intake, when this is completed the youth is set up to begin doing his/her court ordered community service hours.

* Work crews can be established as needed. These crews are comprised of 4 to 12 youth who will report to the work site at a time designated by the agency needing labor.

Your Assistance Is Always Needed!

Citizens throughout Durham County benefit greatly from this cost effective criminal justice program. Offenders work thousands of volunteer hours for both public and charitable organizations that could not otherwise afford to pay for these services.  However, successful community service programs require a true public-private partnership. Residents in communities across Durham County can help enhance the efforts of the Juvenile Justice system by providing meaningful work experiences, volunteering to supervise offenders that have been sentenced to community service hours and considering the use of a work crew for their larger scale projects. Requests for work crews must be submitted at least 1 full month in advance.

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