Restitution Program Benefits to the Community

The Restitution Program works to reduce the chance that juvenile offenders will commit new crimes and provides community agencies with much needed services at no cost. Cutting down on juvenile crime and improving our community can be achieved together.  Getting our youth to understand that their actions have consequences, therefore they need to make more sound and thought out decisions is vital to the process.  The Restitution Program strives to; (1) provide reparative service to the community and ensures some type of “payback” for the harm or damage they have done, (2) improves self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and work ethics, (3) assists non-profit organizations by providing workers at no cost and (4) assist taxpayers by providing manpower to public organizations to complete labor intensive projects with no cost. The benefits listed above are all apart of Restorative Justice; in which offenders learn new skills while repaying the harm or damage they have done to the community while working alongside members of the same community.

Durham Teen Court Restitution Programs