Teen Court Referral Process

Youth who committ first time misdemeanor offenses are eligible to participate in Teen Court.  It is required that the youth admit guilt for the offense.  If this is not done or agreed to the youth can not participate in Teen Court.  If it is discovered that the youth has previously participated in Teen Court the referral source will be notified that the client is not eligible.

Youth are referred to Teen Court through Juvenile Court, District Court, SRO’s or school officials.  District Court referrals can be obtained from the courtroom clerk,and  all other referral forms can be acquired by calling the Teen Court office.

Once a referral is received, the family is contacted to schedule the intake appointment.  If the client can not be reached a letter is sent out.  If the client does not respond within the first 30 days the referral is returned to the referring agent.   Once the intake appt. is set the case is given to the Teen Court Coordinator.  Intakes are done by Teen Court staff.

During the intake process the rules of the program and expectations of the clients are explained.  They are given a Teen Court hearing date and usually set up with a community service placement and given a timesheet.

On the Teen Court hearing night, the clients case is heard and he/she is sentenced.  Once the hearing is complete the Teen Court staff meets with the client and their family immediately to explain the sentence and answer any questions they may have.

Referral sources are notified of non-compliance.

Once the requirements are met the case is closed out.  If the client is unsucessful a detailed letter is sent to the referral source and the case is closed out.
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