Volunteer Guidelines - Adult

Teen Court volunteers are utilized to monitor youth during Teen Court proceedings and monitor juries while deliberating.


  1. Assist program staff with monitoring all youth present during Teen Court proceedings.
  2. Make sure TC staff knows your present and available to assist.
  3. Make sure youth are quiet
  4. Make sure there is no eating in the court room.
  5. Males should remove their hats upon entering the courtroom.
  6. Youth should not be in the hallways, except for visits to the restroom.
  7. While monitoring a jury, make sure:

    - All jury members present during deliberations, where in the courtroom during the
      actual case they are judging
    - Jury is focused on case at hand
    - Jury has a copy of sentencing guidelines
    - All jury members are participating in the process.
    - A foreperson is chosen prior to the jury re-entering the courtroom
    - The jury form is neatly filled out
    - All members agree on sentence

  8. Jury monitors are to escort the jury to and from the jury room.

At times volunteers are asked to attend an over night function to assist staff with chaperoning.  During these times you will be notified well in advance and provided with the necessary paperwork.